Used Volkswagen Polo 2018-present review


Used Volkswagen Polo 18-present
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What alternatives should I consider to a used Volkswagen Polo hatchback?

If you’re looking for a something fun, then have a go in the Ford Fiesta, because it is one of the best handling small cars and can even embarrass vehicles from the class above it. You won’t have quite as much room inside as you will have in the Polo, though.

The Seat Ibiza is another fun-to-drive tiddler and has a greater number of engine options than the Polo. The 158bhp 1.5 TSI Evo engine, in particular, will appeal to those who want something with a bit of extra pep.

Don’t rule out the Hyundai i20 or Kia Rio, because many will still be within their original warranty period – a significant attraction for used car buyers.

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Used Volkswagen Polo 18-present
Used Volkswagen Polo 18-present
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The Volkswagen Polo is a spacious small car with a well-made interior, an excellent 8.0in infotainment system and a comfortable ride

  • Supple ride
  • Generous interior space
  • Quiet on the move
  • Seat Ibiza more fun
  • Noisy diesel engine
  • Seatbelt issue