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For It’s well equipped and has a comfortable driving position and straightforward cabin layout. The 1.5-litre petrol engine offers good economy and strong performance.

Against It’s noisy on the motorway and is more expensive and less practical than many rivals. The steering is vague and inconsistently weighted, too.

Mazda 2 Hatchback
44 5stars

The Mazda 2 is one of the better options in the supermini class; it’s more fun to drive than most rivals and is pretty easy to live with. There are superior all-rounders, though.

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There are 11 Mazda 2 versions available

Hatchback 1.5 75 SE 5dr £11,995 TBA
Hatchback 1.5 75 SE-L 5dr £12,995 TBA
Hatchback 1.5 90 SE-L 5dr £13,995
What Car? says:4 stars out of 5
Hatchback 1.5 90 SE-L Nav 5dr £14,395
What Car? says:4 stars out of 5
Hatchback 1.5 90 Sport 5dr £14,995
What Car? says:3 stars out of 5
Hatchback 1.5 90 Sport Nav 5dr £15,395
What Car? says:3 stars out of 5
Hatchback 1.5 115 Sport Nav 5dr £15,995
What Car? says:2 stars out of 5
Hatchback 1.5D 105 SE-L 5dr £15,995 TBA
Hatchback 1.5D 105 SE-L Nav 5dr £16,395 TBA
Hatchback 1.5D 105 Sport 5dr £16,995 TBA
Hatchback 1.5D 105 Sport Nav 5dr £17,395 TBA

Buyer's notes

Target Price team says:

The 89bhp 1.5-litre petrol version is the pick of the Mazda 2 range, given that you can’t get the excellent touch-screen control system on the 74bhp model and that the 113bhp version is a bit pricey. The 89bhp engine is the only one you can get an automatic gearbox with, too.

There’s also a 1.5-litre diesel engine, but seeing as the petrol managed an impressive 50.8mpg in our True MPG economy tests, the diesel will need to be spectacularly frugal in real-world driving to justify its price premium.

Even the cheapest models are well equipped, but we’d go for mid-spec SE-L trim, which offers the best blend of kit and price.

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Mazda 2 Hatchback

Read the definitive Mazda 2 Hatchback review from the expert What Car? team. Check specs, prices and compare with similar cars.


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