I have a new car on order. What will happen to the delivery date amid the coronavirus?

If you’ve ordered a new car, you’ll be anxious to find out if the coronavirus outbreak will affect its delivery...

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With the coronavirus affecting the lives of many millions of people around the world, it’s no surprise that the pandemic is having a big impact on the UK’s car market. 

Many car factories have shut temporarily, and that’s likely to result in delays in deliveries of new cars. So, unless your car was due to arrive imminently, then you may have to wait another three to four months for it. 

Although car showrooms were ordered by the Government to close on 23 March, most of the large franchised dealer groups were planning on having a few staff available to deal with the handover of cars that were arriving at dealerships soon, so that customers can take delivery of their new cars without waiting. 

And prior to the lockdown, dealer groups told us they were going to extensive lengths to minimise the risk of infection at their premises. Staff who were collecting and delivering vehicles were wearing gloves and other protective clothing, and they were wiping down all frequently touched car surfaces before handing cars over.

Showrooms had been rearranged so to ensure staff and customers could maintain a two-metre distance from each other, and handover videos were being created for new cars to avoid contact. 

However, we would advise you to contact your dealer on the phone or by email to discuss how the threat of infection can be managed before agreeing to collect your car if it does arrive at the dealership. 

If you’re concerned about collecting the car, or are suffering from coronavirus symptoms, then we’d advise you to arrange to get the car at a later date. 

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