Which SUV has the most supportive seats?

A reader is looking for a car with seats that have plenty of adjustment to accommodate his long legs...

New BMW X2 & Jaguar E-Pace vs Volvo XC40

I’d appreciate your advice on which car I should buy next. I’m 69 and a pensioner and want to replace my 15-plate Kia Sportage KX3 with an SUV that has four-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox.

I love everything about the Sportage except the driver’s seat. I am six feet tall, with long legs, and the seat base doesn’t extend to behind my knees, making it very uncomfortable. Before the Sportage, I had an Audi A6 with an extending seat base, and that was brilliant.

Which cars would you recommend, based purely on the comfort and supportiveness of their seats?

Russell Hartley

What Car? says…

Volvos generally have the best seats in the business, and the XC60 large SUV is about as good as it gets. However, the smaller Volvo XC40 – our 2018 Car of the Year – is nearer in size to your Sportage and very close to the XC60 in terms of seat design. R-Design trim’s sports seats are really well contoured and more adjustable than those of other XC40s, with extendable squabs.

Volvo XC40 2019 RHD front seats

Beyond Volvos, there’s the Skoda Karoq. Higher-spec versions offer extendable seat bases and a lot of adjustment, although the seats aren’t as well shaped as Volvo’s.

Best small SUVs and the ones to avoid

Small SUVs are among the most popular cars on sale because they offer the high-set driving position, practicality and muscular looks of more traditional off-roaders, but usually without the high purchase price or running costs – so they can make great family cars.

Here, we count down the top 10 small SUVs you can currently buy – and reveal the models that are best to steer clear of.

10. Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Kona

The Kona is a very small SUV and rivals the Kia Stonic and Seat Arona. While it has sprightly performance, its ride isn’t as smooth as its competitors. 

It’s also well equipped and has a good infotainment system, but the Kona simply isn’t outstanding enough to be at the top of our small-SUV wish list. 

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9. Mini Countryman

Used Mini Countryman Hatchback 17-present

The Countryman has a well-appointed, plush-looking interior and a decently sized boot. It handles well, but the ride can be unsettled and it has more road and wind noise than in some rivals.

The Countryman is large by small SUV standards and makes decent use of what space there is. A high roof and low seating position mean even the tallest of drivers will be able to get comfortable, while a wide body means you shouldn’t be rubbing elbows with your passenger.

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8. Renault Captur

Renault Captur

The Captur may look like a chunky SUV that shrunk in the wash, but it’s actually a cunningly disguised Clio on stilts. Like the Clio, a range of economical petrol and diesel engines are available and only the front wheels are driven.

The Captur is good value, undercutting most of its rivals on purchase price and offering some of the lowest CO2 emissions in its class. It's not as swift or agile as the competition, though, and its interior quality is underwhelming compared with the best in class.

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