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Dacia Duster
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What should I look for in a used Dacia Duster 4x4?

Not all versions of the Duster come with parking sensors, which means you’ll need to check the bumpers and bodywork for damage. 

Also, make sure alloy wheels (if there are any fitted) don’t have any kerb damage.

The interior isn’t the best part of the Duster and its hard plastics can be scuffed by rings and general wear and tear.

Dacia Duster

What are the most common problems with a used Dacia Duster 4x4?

The Dacia Duster is a bit too new to have thrown up any notable problems and it doesn’t feature in our most recent What Car? Reliability survey yet. 

However, make sure there are no warning lights for the diesel particulate filter (DPF) on models equipped with the 1.5 dCi engine. If there are, it could mean that example has issues with its filter, which could be expensive to fix if not covered under warranty.  

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Is a used Dacia Duster 4x4 reliable?

Dacia Duster
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