Used Land Rover Range Rover Velar 17-present review

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 Used Range Rover Velar 17-present
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What used Land Rover Range Rover Velar estate will I get for my budget?

Prices for a Velar at the time of writing start at around £42,000 for a 2017 D180 version, but as this is a fairly new model, its prices are still changing relatively rapidly. To keep up to date with used Range Rover prices, use our free valuation tool to make sure you are getting the best deal.

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 Used Range Rover Velar 17-present

How much does it cost to run a Land Rover Range Rover Velar estate?

Even though you’ll save a bit of money by going used, the Velar is still an expensive car to run. So, budget accordingly.

All versions of the Range Rover Velar cost over £40,000 when new and according to the revised road tax system, they will be subject to the £310 surcharge for the most expensive cars. You’ll have to continue paying this surcharge up until the car is six years old on top of the flat rate fee of £140 a year, meaning that the total tax bill will be £450 a year, just to drive the car on the road.

What’s more, Land Rover servicing isn’t cheap with prices for the first five services ranging from £374.74 to £601.15, depending on the work being carried out. That’s why plenty of Velar buyers bought a service plan when the car was new to keep a lid on their costs. This pays for the first five services and is transferable to the next owner, so it’ll be worthwhile checking if the car you’re looking at comes with one of these plans.

Fuel economy for the diesel models isn’t terrible though and makes up for some of the expense of running a Velar. The base D180 version manages the best combined figure of the Velar range at 52.5 mpg, the more powerful D240 gets 48.7 mpg, while the top D300 manages 44.1 mpg. The petrol engines aren’t so cost-effective to run, sadly. The P250 has a combined figure of 37.2 mpg, the mid-range P300 is rated for 36.2 mpg while the high-performance P380 gets 30.1 mpg.

Insurance is likely to be expensive too, but this is true of a lot of premium SUVs.


 Used Range Rover Velar 17-present
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