Used Lexus NX 14-present

Used Lexus NX 2014-present review

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What used Lexus NX estate will I get for my budget?

There are quite a few high-mileage hybrid examples around, largely thanks to their appeal as a company car when new. These will now set you back at least £18,000 and are worth a look if you want a cheap option, as long as they’ve been well maintained. However, if you’re after an early NX 300h with average mileage and a full history, you’ll need to spend at least £23,000. If only a petrol model will do, that figure will be closer to £25,000.

All of which makes the NX look rather expensive compared with its closest rivals; a more powerful diesel BMW X3 will cost you less to buy, while an Audi Q5 will cost you no more.

Used Lexus NX 14-present

How much does it cost to run a Lexus NX estate?

Go for the petrol model and it’ll be quite costly. On paper, the NX 200t does 35.8mpg, which doesn’t compare too favourably with petrol-powered rivals.

The hybrid model is better. In official lab tests, it achieved an average 55.8mpg, which is on a par with rivals. But keep in mind that, like many other hybrids, the NX is very economical in town but far less so on the motorway; so while it makes sense if most of your mileage is urban, a diesel-powered rival will likely cost you less to fuel if you do lots of long-distance trips.

If you’re buying an NX registered after 1 April 2017, when the tax laws changed, you’ll need to choose carefully, because if it cost over £40,000 when it was new, you’ll be stung for the new higher-rate tax of £450 a year. If it cost less than that, though, you’ll pay a flat rate of £140, so it’ll behove you to choose a lower-spec model. Buy an NX registered before that date and you can expect to pay either £30 a year for the hybrid or £250 a year for the petrol.

Lexus dealers’ service pricing is clear and transparent, making it easy to budget for your car’s next service. However, Lexus doesn’t offer a special fixed-price service scheme for older cars like those offered by Audi and BMW; that’s particularly salient because the NX’s services tend to cost more as its mileage increases, so make sure you’re aware of the costs involved later in the car’s life so you don’t get a nasty shock down the line.


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