Used Lexus NX 2014-present review

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Used Lexus NX 14-present
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Which used Lexus NX estate should I buy?

Finding an NX 200t is a job in itself, and it’s thirsty and costly to tax, so we’d avoid it in any case. The NX 300h is the only other option and, since it’s more efficient and much easier to find, it’s the one we’d choose.

Bearing in mind the impressive amount of equipment NXs get, we see no reason to go for one of the more expensive trims. SE should be all you need – and there’s less chance of incurring a big tax bill if you buy one registered after April 2017.

Our favourite Lexus NX 300h SE


Used Lexus NX 14-present
Used Lexus NX 14-present
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