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McLaren 540C
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Finding a driving position that suits you is very easy because you get lots of adjustment in the seat and steering column. The two seats are very supportive, even under hard cornering, and are comfortable for long-distance drives, too. In front of you is a configurable TFT display that replaces conventional dials. This proves clear to read and easy on the eye.

From the driver’s seat it's relatively easy to see forwards out of the 540C. Reversing is a bit tricky, though, so you might want to add rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera, both of which feature on its extensive options list.

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McLaren uses its own portrait orientation infotainment system, called IRIS, located in the centre of the dash. The menus are easy enough to navigate but it is mounted a little low. It can also be slow to respond and some icons are hard to hit accurately on the move. The spec of the standard stereo is a little below par - you get just four-speakers - and upgrades don't come cheap.

As you’d hope given the high purchase price, everything feels well screwed together. From the quality of the plastics to stitching on the seats to how the buttons operate, you won’t feel short-changed.


McLaren 540C
McLaren 540C
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