1. Hyundai i10 ice cream van

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Jim Holder
23 July 2008

1. Hyundai i10 ice cream van

Barking mad or marketing genius?

The correct answer is probably a bit of both - the i10 ice cream van has been created to highlight the fact that the production i10 features air-con as standard.

Be warned, though: once you get over the initial wonderment at the 'cornet on a car' design, there is a tinge of disappointment, because Hyundai is only distributing ice pops from its wacky design. We wanted a 99!

There's more disappointment waiting in the wings, too - Hyundai insists it won't be putting its creation into production.

So no i10s will be playing Greensleeves in cul-de-sacs near you anytime soon. Boo!

Chances of seeing it on the road Absolutely nil, says Hyundai. Spoil-sport!