10 things you never knew

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26 February 2010
10 things you never knew

10 things you never knew about the new XJ

1 The XJ is built in a factory which made Spitfire fighter planes and Lancaster bombers in World War 2.
2 There are more than 3000 rivets in an XJ more than it took to hold a Spitfire together.
3 It takes 15 hours or just over two shifts to build each car
4 Each XJ also has more than 150 metres of adhesive bonding the aluminium panels together.
5 The all-aluminium body is 324 kilos, or more than 30% lighter than it would have been had it been made from steel.
6 There are 300 body parts in the XJ 25% fewer than in an equivalent car made of steel.
7 The UK throws away one billion soft-drinks cans a year. If we were to recycling them they would provide enough aluminium to cover all XJ production.
8 Jaguar has put 10 years' experience of aerospace technology to work in devising the new XJ's body.
9 There are 18 speakers and two sub-woofers with the Bowers & Wilkins hi-fi option
10 85% of the XJ can be recycled at the end of its life