10th Red Castle Sport 149.99

16 April 2008

10th Red Castle Sport 149.99

Red Castle Sport
Colour schemes Five
Weight 3.8 kilos
RRP 149.99


The big trick of this seat is its ability to carry a child flat - it's one of three settings - but once they child weighs 5kg, it's back to the normal, more upright seating position. There's quite a lot of cushioning, and the large carry handle has a high-grip centre section. Covers are removable and washable, and the price also includes a foot muff and a large sun-shade.

Ease of operation
This is a tricky seat to install because the seatbelt is routed underneath it. You also need to check that the belt is correctly placed on the far side, so unless you peer over, you have to fumble around with your fingers or walk around to the other side of the cabin. The buckles are easy to fix and the straps simple to tighten, but there are only two adjustments for child size, and it's awkward to do.

This is the most expensive seat that we've looked at here. It's not as widely available as other seats, so online discounts aren't as easy to come by. We did manage to find one for sale with 25 off the price, but that still leaves it as the second-most expensive seat.

Despite its price, the materials on this seat feel the cheapest of any we tested. The covers feel of low quality and there's noticeable flexing of the plastic base.

Special features
The Red Castle Sport can also be used with a travel system, but there are no ISOFIX or seatbelt bases available for it.