10th Sony NV-U92T

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10th  Sony NV-U92T

10th Sony NV-U92T
RRP 249.99
Best of the web 149.97 pcworld.co.uk
Screen size 4.8in


The menus look great and the maps are even more stylish the downside is sluggish performance. The system isn't as slow as the Panasonic (which uses similar software), but nowhere near as speedy as the more basic-looking TomTom and Garmin units. The spoken instructions are excellent, though.

Ease of operation

Menus are well laid out and entering a destination is simple enough, but the cradle is a letdown. Its super sticky' pad is a nice idea as it's supposed to stick to either windscreen or dashboard. However, it didn't stick to either very well during our testing.


We found a saving of 100 at pcworld.co.uk, bringing the price down to 149.97. It's a high-quality unit that looks great and has a big bright screen.


It's hard to fault the classy case and great-looking maps. The cradle feels solid, too unfortunately the sticky pad', which is used to hang to the windscreen or dashboard, is a bit wobbly.

Special features

You get European maps and TMC, but Bluetooth, an MP3 player, FM transmitter and an economical route function are all missing.