12th Snooper S2000 Proline

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19 November 2008
12th  Snooper S2000 Proline

12th Snooper S2000 Proline
RRP 299.99
Best of the web 249.99 Snooperdirect.com
Screen size 4.3in


Super-quick menus and maps are where the Snooper excels. The maps are easy to follow due to their simple design and the spoken instructions are timely and clear, too.

Ease of operation

Even sat-nav novices will have little trouble working out the Snooper's menus and choosing a destination. The external m' button is useful for getting back to the main menu quickly.


Snooper markets this product as a speed camera locator as much as a sat-nav, but if you're just buying for navigation the 250 price tag (50 off the RRP at Snooperdirect.com) is rather high. Especially so considering the lack of European maps as standard.


A gloss finish on the case gives a classy feel although the Snooper probably won't react well to knocks and scrapes. Most disappointing is the cradle, which doesn't have enough suction and fell off the windscreen during our testing.

Special features

European maps will set you back another 50, and an FM transmitter is missing. However, the S2000 does get Bluetooth, an MP3 player and TMC as standard.