1st AlcoDigital 3000

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1st  AlcoDigital 3000

1st AlcoDigital 3000
Best Price: 299.00 (alcodigital.co.uk)
Sensor: Fuel Cell
For: Accuracy; consistency; easy to use
Against: High price

Accuracy: This is the breathalyser you should be able to have complete faith in because it's manufactured by the same company that builds police units. It's made to the same specification as police units, too. Our tests showed it provides clear, accurate results.

Value for Money: Theres no escaping the high price of this unit, and that could put off many people. However, if you have the money and demand the most accurate readings, you wont be disappointed.

Ease of Use: One button turns the unit on and off, and it couldnt be simpler to use or understand. It's chunky and well made - a little bigger than an iPhone, but twice the thickness - and comes with a hard case.

Owning: Despite the pricetag, the cost of keeping this breathalyser in good working order is not much different from devices costing a tenth of the price. Servicing and calibration can be purchased for 19 when you buy the unit, or for 38 on the day.