1st TomTom Go 530

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19 November 2008
1st  TomTom Go 530

1st TomTom Go 530
RRP 249.99
Best of the web 179.95 Amazon.co.uk
Screen size 4.3in


Super-simple maps make navigating even complex road layouts easy. The maps don't look that sophisticated, but they keep up with the action and the menus are as quick as any of the units on test. The spoken instructions are as good as any of the others, too.

Ease of operation

Ease of use is what TomTom's all about. Even if you've never picked up a sat-nav you should have no problem entering a destination and getting on your way. The menus are clear, and the touchscreen 'keyboard' is big enough for even the clumsiest finger to operate.


Amazon.co.uk has just cut the price to under 180. That makes the Go 530 superb value for money well worth the extra 70 over the TomTom One we reckon, especially given all the features and options.


A rubberised finish gives the TomTom a classy feel and should help keep it protected if you knock if off the windscreen. The cradle is compact, but it is a bit feeble compared to some, such as the Garmin's.

Special features

European maps (Go 730) will cost you 25 extra at Amazon.co.uk, while TMC (Go 530T) will set you back 32 (if you want both together it you'll have to shell out 60 for the Go 730T). Serious explorers can fork out 305 for the Go 930T, which also includes mapping for the US and Canada.