2019 Volvo S60 - reader test team review

Volvo’s new £30k executive saloon offers a handsome alternative to the Germans'. Will our readers be tempted?...

2019 volvo s60 reader test team

Stewart Longhurst Age 48 Job Marketing consultant Drives Volvo S80

“I’ve enjoyed owning my S80, but now it has been discontinued, I’m torn between the slightly larger S90 and slightly smaller S60. 

“All of the latest Volvos look stunning, although I feel the S60 isn’t quite on the S90’s level. Then again, compared with the BMW 3 Series, there are about three fewer creases on each side!

“At 6ft 6in tall, I found the S60’s driving position very comfortable, with enough head and leg room and sufficient steering wheel adjustment. The driver’s seat adjusts in
more ways than my S80’s. 

“What’s more, there’s enough room for someone to sit behind me. In fact, I was comfortable in the rear seats, too. It’s much more spacious than the Audi A4.

“My S80 is a 215bhp diesel, and it’s certainly punchy, but the T6 petrol engine here produces 316bhp, which should make for great rolling acceleration. That Volvo has dropped diesel engines from the S60 doesn’t bother me.

“The digital dial display is welcome, because it allows you to safely view a far greater range of info, but the touchscreen is a worry in that it forces you to look away from the road to use any of the controls. I’m therefore glad voice control is standard.”

Rated 5 out of 5 

David Morley Age 49 Job Environmental consultant Drives Renault Mégane Sport Tourer

2019 volvo s60 reader test team

“This is the first Volvo I’ve ever actually wanted to own. It has an elegant simplicity about it; everything is in proportion. It just goes to show how wrong BMW has gone with the new 3 Series.

“We chose the Mégane because a comfortable ride is essential, so I really hope that Volvo has stuck with its traditional values.

“I carry a lot of surveying gear for work, and the S60’s boot is just large enough, at 442 litres. The only consideration is that the V60 estate is even more practical, but then it doesn’t look as good. 

“The S60’s seats are second to none for comfort, although you do feel slightly hemmed in by the large, high centre console. 

“I’m not a massive fan of touchscreens, because I normally drive wearing gloves, although the portrait layout is much better than the usual landscape. Sadly, a lot of the ‘connected’ functions wouldn’t work in rural Cumbria, where I live, and while the stereo sounds good, I’m disappointed the S60 doesn’t offer a CD player.

“As with most cars these days, it’s frustrating that you can’t combine four-wheel drive with a manual gearbox; that set-up is ideal for countryside driving.”

Rated 4 out of 5

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