3rd Draper 89455 Warming Mug

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What Car? Staff
16 March 2010

3rd Draper 89455 Warming Mug

Best price: 4.95 (Tooled-up.com)
Capacity: 400ml
Diameter of base: 66mm

For: Keeps drinks at a constant temperature for as long as you want
Against: Not watertight; needs to be plugged in, so only effective while in the car


The cup lost heat quickly to begin with after 30 minutes the temperature inside was down to 67C but because of its heating element the Draper maintained that temperature for two hours. The open drinking hole in the lid allows heat to escape quickly, so the Draper doesnt hold its heat well unless it's plugged in.

Ease of operation:

Simply plug the detachable 1.3-metre long cable into your cars 12V power socket and the Draper keeps your beverage at a drinkable temperature for as long as your want.


You can buy it for under a fiver at Tooled-up.com which makes it less than half the cup's recommended retail price. If you plan to use the cup only in the car, the Draper makes a lot of sense.


Nothing special, but the brushed metal casing should resist scratching well and stay bright and shiny. The seal around the lid isnt substantial, but the Draper isnt designed to be watertight.

Special features:

The only cup we tested that had a built-in heating element, which is handy if you want to keep your drink warm for hours on end.