3rd: Serengeti Nuvola 6864 - 129

3rd: Serengeti Nuvola 6864 - 129

Serengeti Nuvola 6864
RRP 129
Best of the web 103.20 (London-eyewear.co.uk)
Lens size 60mm


The Nuvolas have a very lightweight design. That meant they were comfy to wear for hours at a time. The lenses were fairly small, though, so they allowed light to enter around their sides and bottom. There was a stronger brown tint than the Dantes, which didn't seem to handle glare quite so well. Still, they were one of the best on test.

Visit London-eyewear.co.uk and you'll save 20% on the price, but the Nuvolas are worth their usual 130 asking price. The Nuvolas come with a hard case to keep them free from damage.

They Nuvolas are made from polycarbonate, the same stuff used to make bulletproof glass, so they should last a while. Their very simple frameless design doesn't look that posh, but it means they weigh next to nothing.

Special features
Brown 'Drivers' photochromatic lenses adjust to changing light conditions. 'Spectral Control' improves contrast and enhances the most important driving colours (i.e. reds for brake and traffic lights). UVA and UVB rays are filtered out, as is 95% of blue light. This helps to reduce haze cause by spray and fog.

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