4th AlcoHAWK Slim 2

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What Car? Staff
24 November 2011

4th  AlcoHAWK Slim 2

4th AlcoHAWK Slim 2
Best Price: 59.00 (alcodigital.co.uk)
Sensor: Semi-conducting oxide
For: Solid breathalyzer; easy to use
Against: Not as accurate or as good value as the best in this price band.

Accuracy: The Slim 2 performed reasonably well and is certainly more accurate than the budget units.

Value for Money: This breathalyser is more expensive than the Elite unit, but is still worth the extra money over budget devices for the greater accuracy.

Ease of Use: Like all the devices of this type, the sensor needs heating before the test can take place and a countdown timer lets you know when it's ready. The countdown on the Slim 2 starts slowly from 60, but then races down to zero and tells the user to start blowing. Results are displayed immediately and in a clear fashion. The instructions aren't as slick as with AlcoSense units, but are still easy enough to follow.

Owning: Calibration is required every 12 months, and this can be bundled with a service for 12.95 if pre-paid at the time of purchase, or 22 at a later date.