4th Thermos Thermocafe 2060

* We test eight travel cups * Temperature test results * Read the full result here...

4th Thermos Thermocafe 2060

Best budget buy
Best price: 2.99 (Amazon.co.uk)
Capacity: 400ml
Diameter of base: 63mm

For: Third best at staying warm; cheap
Against: Not watertight


Came third for keeping our drink hot it had dropped to 50C after two hours. It isnt watertight, though, so needs to be kept upright at all times.

Ease of operation:

Simply slide back a flap on the lid and take a swig. The handle makes the Thermos easier to pick up especially if youve got small hands because the upper body of the cup is fairly thick.


Its hard to argue with the 3 pricetag which even includes free delivery. The Thermocafe wasnt brilliant at anything, but was good at most things.


It felt surprisingly classy given the bargain-basement price. The brushed metal casing should be hardy and resist scratches.

Special features:

Not a lot here but what do you expect for three pounds? A plastic handle with indentations for your fingers is about your lot.