5th Garmin Nuvi 765T

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What Car? Staff
19 November 2008

5th  Garmin Nuvi 765T

5th Garmin Nuvi 765T
RRP 329.99
Best of the web 249.99 Amazon.co.uk
Screen size 4.3in


Quick menus and speedy route calculation. The 765T keeps up well with the action, too, although the brightly-coloured roads can be confusing in built-up areas and the Dalek-like spoken voice is annoying.

Ease of operation

The menus system is almost as easy to use as TomTom's. Big buttons make entering commands simple and the menus are intuitive.


Pricey compared with the TomTom GO 530, but it does come with European maps and TMC as standard (both of which cost extra on the TomTom). We managed to save 80 at Amazon.co.uk.


The casing has a rubbery finish, which makes it feel classier than other Garmin units. There are no rough edges and the screen is very bright. Garmin's cradle is the best of any we tested it's simple, but sticks to the windscreen well, detaches easily and it's easy to adjust the angle of the screen.

Special features

The unit comes with TMC, Bluetooth, European maps, MP3 player and an FM transmitter as standard. However, the 765T does miss out on voice control and the option to choose the most economical route to your destination.