600 and above

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600 and above

600 and above

1) Jaguar XF 3.0D V6 Luxury
List price/Monthly lease: 33,900/728
CO2 (g/km)/tax rating: 179/26%
Monthly tax bill (20/40%): 145/291
Most executive cars make you feel special, but none more so than the XF. It's as exceptional to drive as it is to sit in, combining superb refinement with plenty of space and a superb blend of ride and handling.

2) Porsche Cayman 3.4 S
List price/Monthly lease: 44,372/1135
CO2 (g/km)/tax rating: 223/32%
Monthly tax bill (20/40%): 235/470
There can be no higher compliment to the Cayman S than to say that it makes the five-star 911 look unnecessarily expensive. It's simply breathtaking to drive, but also well built and spacious for two.

3) Nissan GT-R 3.8
List price/Monthly lease: 56,800/1280
CO2 (g/km)/tax rating: 298/35%
Monthly tax bill (20/40%): 328/657
The GT-R is our 2009 Performance Car of the Year not just because it's blisteringly fast and great to drive although it certainly is but also because it's much cheaper than anything else with similar performance.

4) Jaguar XKR 5.0
List price/Monthly lease: 72,400/1571
CO2 (g/km)/tax rating: 292/35%
Monthly tax bill (20/40%): 419/839
Hard to believe, perhaps, but the XKR is two cars in one, combining the smooth ride and refinement of a grand tourer with the acceleration of a sports car when you're pressing on.

5) Mercedes-Benz S320 CDI
List price/Monthly lease: 55,595/to follow
CO2 (g/km)/tax rating: 220/35%
Monthly tax bill (20/40%): 322/645
Any debate about 'the best car in the world' must include the S-Class. The S320 CDI is one of very few five-star luxury cars, and it almost deserves more for its fantastic blend of ride, handling, space and class.

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