6th Binatone T430

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19 November 2008

6th  Binatone T430

6th Binatone T430
RRP 199.99
Best of the web 187.93 Totalpda.co.uk
Screen size 4.3in


Menus and mapping are very similar to that of the Clarion MAP 680 that means they're quick. The screen zooms in on the action when any change of direction is required and the spoken instructions are clear and timely, too.

Ease of operation

Not quite as straightforward as a TomTom or Garmin, but simple nonetheless. Entering your destination is simple thanks to the excellent input screen, however the menus aren't as well designed as those on the very similar Clarion unit.


No big discounts here we managed to shave only 12 off the price. If you have trouble parking, however, the reversing camera might sway it for you. While the Binatone is a decent unit, it isn't as polished as the similarly priced Garmin and TomTom units.


Nicely finished case is spoilt by a cheap cradle. While it's not the sturdiest when attached to the windscreen, it isn't verging on useless, either - like some of the cradles we tested.

Special features

The T430 boasts something none of the other units on test can a reversing camera. Select reverse and you get a live feed from a camera attached to the rear numberplate. It's a nice idea, but you do need to wire the camera into the reversing lamp (it transmits the video wirelessly to the screen). Bluetooth and an MP3 player are also included, but European maps and TMC aren't.