6th Sealey 12V Heavy Duty 59.99

6th Sealey 12V Heavy Duty 59.99

Sealey 12V Heavy Duty Compressor
RRP 59.99
Best price 39.40 (Amazon.co.uk)
Weight 2.20kg

For Quick inflation; designed for big tyres (4x4s etc.)
Against Bulky and heavy; not cheap; no extra features


One of the quickest to get to a reading of 30 PSI, taking just four minutes 52 seconds. The Sealey was pretty accurate, too, and was only half a PSI under when we checked the pressure. The foam pads on the base kept it solid when running. The Sealey is designed for five hours continuous pumping up of van and lorry tyres.

Ease of operation
This ones a whopper, weighing in at 2.2 kilos. It is designed with lorries and vans in mind, though, so thats hardly surprising. The big handle is handy for moving it about, and using the Sealey is childs play theres only an on/off switch to worry about. When youve finished, theres a pocket on the side to keep the power lead tucked away in.

The Sealey is designed to pump up big tyres that you get on 4x4s, vans and trucks. So, if youve got a Ford Fiesta, buying this would be overkill. If youre the owner of a Land Rover, though, its well worth a look. It's worth searching online for stockists, as good savings can be found.

The plastic case looked and felt a bit cheap, but the fixtures and fittings (hose, gauge and power lead) were robust and looked like theyd last awhile. The accuracy of the analogue gauge was promising, too, although wed still always recommend investing in a quality handheld pressure gauge to double-check pressures.

Special features
The Sealey is capable of five hours continuous use. Thats impressive, but probably not of much interest to the average motorist, who just wants to put a few extra pounds in his or her tyres. The set of adaptors (for pumping up footballs and airbeds) might be, though. The Sealey was a pretty basic unit otherwise, but did come with a four metre-long hose.