8th Halfords Twin Motor 44.99

8th Halfords Twin Motor 44.99

Halfords Twin Motor Inflator
RRP 44.99
Best price 44.99 (Halfords.com)
Weight 1.42kg

For Comes with detachable pressure gauge; great for other inflatable items
Against Sluggish inflation; high price; not the simplest to use


The second slowest inflator of our test. It took a whopping 11 minutes two seconds to pump up our test tyre. Although the detachable pressure gauge was accurate when used alone, when inflating it read 30 PSI a early the true pressure was only 29 PSI. That wasnt far off the mark, but it didnt make up for the sluggish pumping performance.

Ease of operation
Theres no automatic shut-off, so pumping up a tyre is more of a hassle. Theres no built-in gauge, either, so we had to hold the detachable pressure gauge against a valve on the hose when inflating to check the pressure. There was a handy handle for carrying it around, and a pocket to tuck the power lead away in when we were finished.

You can only buy the Twin Motor from Halfords, so theres no scouring the web for a great deal. If youre blowing up airbeds and inflatable toys on a regular basis the Twin Motor is worth a look. Otherwise, its too pricey and too slow at inflating tyres to make it one of our top recommendations.

The plastic casing felt cheap and brittle, but otherwise the Twin Motor felt solid enough. We liked the screw-on tyre valve connector, which felt like it would last longer than the snap-on connections you get with most inflators. The foam pads on the base were good in theory, but werent thick enough to absorb many of the vibrations.

Special features
While it might seem pricey at 45, around 15 of that has gone on the detachable pressure gauge that comes with it. If youve got a decent gauge already, then youre probably better off with a cheaper inflator. You also get two motors one quickly pumping up airbeds and inflatable toys (adaptors included), and the other tyres.