Accidents happen

Accidents happen

You're much more likely to have an accident in the winter, so if you are unlucky enough to be involved in one, you should stay calm and inform the police if it's serious.

When leaving your car, make sure you are clearly visible to other road users, and get your vehicle recovered as soon as possible so that it doesn't cause an obstruction.

Getting stuck in your car is one of the most dangerous pitfalls of winter driving, whether you find yourself snowbound or just held in traffic. There are a few simple measures that you can take to help. Keep a warm jacket, a blanket and some chocolate in your car, and keep the engine running wherever possible - it not only keeps you warm but also stops the engine freezing in extreme conditions.

For this reason, always keep your fuel tank topped up. If you're stranded in a remote location, don't leave your car. It will protect you from the elements and it makes it easier for the emergency services to find you.