Adulterers drive expensive cars

* 20% of adulterers have posh cars * BMW owners top of list * Cheaters not interested in lover's car...

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What Car? Staff
30 April 2009

Adulterers drive expensive cars

Drivers of expensive cars are more likely to have an affair.

That's the bold statement coming from a website that describes itself as the UK's largest extra-marital dating site.

It conducted a survey of its members and found 20.9% drove a high-ranking executive car. This included 16 Bentley owners, 31 Porsche owners, five Aston Martin owners and 135 BMW owners.

While the self-centred cheating adulterers said their own car was important to them, only 19% admitted to being interested in their lovers' cars.

Sara Hartley, spokesperson for the site, said: 'Many of those actively seeking an affair tend to be go-getters, which is reflected in their choice of car and their chosen profession. They are often conspicuous consumers.'