Are the Hyundai i10s brakes suspect?

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19 August 2010

Are the Hyundai i10s brakes suspect?

Q) Are the Hyundai i10s brakes suspect?
I bought a Hyundai i10 on the Scrappage Scheme. Im pleased with it, apart from one thing: the brakes are incredibly harsh. Even if I press the pedal lightly the car practically does an emergency stop. Is this a known problem? What should I do about it?
Sarah Williams

A) In tests, we havent found the i10s brakes harsh; if anything, they could even do with being
a little sharper.

Since you bought your i10 under the Scrappage Scheme, your old car will have been at least 10 years old. Modern vehicles have much more efficient brakes, so its not surprising you notice the i10 pulling up sharply by comparison. Its even possible your old car had brake problems.

Your driving style will almost certainly adjust to the i10 in time. However, to be on the safe side, ask your dealer to test drive the car to rule out any potential faults.