Audi A1 quattro on the cards

* Testing of four-wheel-drive A1 under way * Future 'high-performance' A1s will get the option * Expect to pay more than 20k...

Audi A1 quattros on the cards

Audi is developing four-wheel-drive versions of its A1 supermini.

A timetable for the addition of the four-wheel-drive models to the Audi A1 range has not been revealed, but it will mean every car in the manufacturer's line up will be available as a quattro.

Audi hasn't said which A1 models will be available as quattro cars, besides saying they will be 'future high-performance versions'.

That seems to rule out the current hottest Audi A1, a 182bhp 1.4-litre hot hatch but paves the way for even more powerful cars with more than 200bhp.

The four-wheel-drive system in the A1 is similar to that used in the Audi A3 and Audi TT. It uses clutch plates in front of the rear axle to distribute engine torque between the front and rear wheels.

All torque is sent to the front wheels until they lose traction at which point it is also diverted to the rear wheels.