Audi launches digital London showroom

* Audi launches digital showroom in Central London * Based near Piccadilly Circus * Displays Audis whole range on digital screens...

Audi launches digital London showroom

Audi has launched Audi City - a new digital showroom based in London that allows customers to browse the company's range electronically.

Buyers will be able to fully spec any one of Audi's models to their choosing and then view it on a 1:1 scale in the showroom. The technology will also be able to zoom in on individual parts of the car to explain them in more detail.

The cyberstore, near Piccadilly Circus, known as Audi City, is the first of 20 such stores that are due to open in major international cities by 2015. Audi staff will be in each store to assist buyers with choosing their new car.

Each Audi City will be connected to a dealership that will fulfil the physical needs of customers' cars as and when required.

Audi says the likes of Audi City will also serve as a meeting place for fans of the brand, and will also play host to events not connected to the world of cars.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi sales and marketing boss, said: 'This is not going to replace the traditional dealership - it is complementary.

We know from our research that 90% of people have already decided what they want on the internet before they come to a showroom.'

Tom Webster