Belkin TuneBase

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What Car? Staff
05 May 2011

Belkin TuneBase

Belkin TuneBase
Price: 29.49 (

The powered TuneBase arm and cradle plugs straight into your car's charging point. The phone slips between a connection point at the bottom and an adjustable mount at the top of the cradle's spine.

It has an FM tuner that connects to your stereo, which allows you to listen to music from your phone and you can also take calls through the stereo. The cradle rotates, so you can have a portrait or landscape view on your phone.

The Belkin feels well built, but we're a little concerned about the stress it might put through the connection point of the phone.

What Car? says
The cradle is narrow and feels a little weak, but it did a good job of holding a phone. Although it doesn't flop to one side as badly as some mounts, it does have some stability issues.