Best Dash Cams 2018 (for under Β£150)

Dash cams can help with insurance claims and lower your premium - these are some of the best ones you can buy for under Β£150

Words By Doug Revolta

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Best dash cams of 2018 for under Β£150 - What Car?

A dash cam is a small forward-facing camera which records video from behind your windscreen. If you're involved in an accident the saved footage can be used as evidence for insurance claims and - if necessary - in court.

How do dash cams work?

Dash cams plug into the 12 volt socket in a car to power it and record on a constant loop when the engine is running. All require a MicroSD card to store the footage (although this is rarely included when you buy a dash cam) and typically a 32GB card can store around four hours of footage.

When the memory card becomes full, the camera starts recording over the earliest footage. However, cleverly, sensors inside even cheap dash cams can sense when there’s been a change in G-Force which could signify an accident. In this case, many record around 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after the change and store it in a separate folder to ensure it is overwritten and deleted.

Does it make my insurance cheaper?

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In some cases you can save up to 20% on your car insurance, but it depends which insurer and dash cam you use as not all insurance companies offer a discount. If they do, you’ll need to have the camera permanently fitted in the car and powered by your fusebox.

How much should I spend on a dash cam?

The cheapest dash cams cost around Β£45 and prices go up to Β£300 and beyond.

For this product test we’re looking at the best you can buy for under Β£150. At this price point you can get excellent value dash cams that do the basics very well and have a few nice extras. The best in this class record in 1080p high-definition resolution and include WiFi, GPS, motion detection and smartphone apps as well as other safety features.

The prices quoted were the cheapest we could find online at the time of writing, and don’t include postage.

Read on to find out what the best dash cams for under Β£150 are

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