The best hybrid SUVs in 2024

Sales of SUVs and hybrids are booming, making hybrid SUVs some of the most desirable cars around. But which of them are best ones to go for and which are best avoided?...

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Not so long ago, if you wanted an SUV, it was almost always best to go for a diesel engine. However, changes to the company car tax system, combined with improvements in hybrid car technology, means cars which mix petrol and electric power are now great for your wallet as well as your conscience.

In addition, the number of hybrid SUVs available has exploded in the last couple of years. But this increased choice can be a negative as well as a positive, making it harder to decide what to go for.

So, here we count down our current top 10 across both regular hybrid and plug-in hybrid SUVs – and reveal the model that's best avoided.

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