The most reliable hybrid cars - and the ones to avoid

In our annual Reliability Survey, we ask readers to rate the dependability of cars aged up to five years old. Here, we list the most and least reliable hybrid cars in the UK...

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Hybrid cars have come a long way since the arrival of the Toyota Prius in 2000. There are now hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of many new car models that have the potential to save money on fuel, particularly if you do a lot of short or urban journeys.

To compile the latest What Car? Reliability Survey we asked 21,732 car owners to give us the lowdown on how reliable their car had been over the previous 24 months. First we asked them to tell us if the car had suffered any problems, and, if so, how much each one had cost to put right and how long it had kept the car off the road.

So, here are the best performers, plus the models that are most likely to let you down.

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