Best used city cars for less than Β£2000 (and the ones to avoid)

A bargain-basement city car is one of the most wallet-friendly ways of getting around, but cheap doesn't have to mean cheerless, as our guide proves

Words By Alex Robbins

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7. Ford Ka

The first-generation Ford Ka is a pretty old car now, so it loses out to other cars here in terms of safety technology, and it’s rather cramped inside compared to some newer models. However, you can forgive the Ka many things simply for the way it drives. No other city car is this much fun, with delightfully quick steering that’s full of feel, and a beautifully balanced chassis. The Ka’s comfortable suspension is supple, too, and it’s simply great value, with even well-equipped last-of-the-line models coming in well under budget.

We found: 2008 Zetec Climate, 69,000 miles, Β£1795

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6. Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto doesn’t exactly have a whole heap of personality; it’s not that much fun to drive, and its choppy ride quality means it isn’t as comfortable as some city cars. But what it does offer is practicality, space and great value. What’s more, its dashboard, while a little drab, is at least solidly built and well laid-out, making it easy to use at a glance. And with lots of low-mileage, fully-historied Pircantos around, it shouldn’t be hard to find a good one.

We found: 2008 1.1 2, 41,000 miles, Β£2000

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5. Renault Twingo

Smart styling means the Renault Twingo looks the part, inside and out – although while the interior looks great, its plastics are a little on the cheap side. Never mind, though – you get plenty of space in the back and a sizeable boot, and the rear seats slide back and forth so that you can choose whether you want more boot space or rear leg room. What’s more, although the Twingo isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, its soft suspension is comfortable.

We found: 2010 1.2 Extreme, 63,000 miles, Β£1998

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