Best used Porsches for £30,000

A Porsche is a dream car for many – but some used examples are surprisingly affordable. To prove it, here are the best used Porsches for every budget...

Best used Porsches for £30,000

3. Porsche 928

Best used Porsches

Porsche’s big, brawny V8-powered grand tourer was arguably the most un-Porsche-like car the company had ever made when it first arrived on the scene, but crikey, it didn’t half turn heads. And it drove like a Porsche, too, with excellent handling for its size, while also fulfilling its brief as a muscular coupé that would cross great distances with ease. Nowadays, a 928 is a great investment, as that classic design means it’s only going to go up in value.

We found: 1990 S4, 46,000 miles, £24,989

2. Porsche Boxster (12-16)

Best used Porsches

For this sort of money, you can only get the lowlier 2.7-litre version of this generation Boxster. But that doesn’t matter because, even in this form, the 2012-2016 car was a cut above its predecessor, delivering much-improved all-round ability combined with the scintillating driving experience you’d expect.

We found: 2014 2.7 PDK, 28,000 miles, £27,990

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1. Porsche 911 (04-12)

Best used Porsches

While every Porsche 911 is an object of desire, at the moment it’s the 2004-2012 version that looks like the best value of all. Prices aren’t exorbitant, and it’s every bit as fun to drive as its successor – indeed, some would argue more so. Early cars can suffer from engine maladies, though, so make sure you buy the best maintained example you can find.

We found: 2007 S, 65,000 miles, £26,990

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