Top 10 used SUVs for less than £10,000

You don't need a big budget to get a desirable, family-friendly SUV. Here we count down the top 10 you can buy used for less than £10,000 – and reveal the ones to avoid...

Top 10 used SUVs
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Mark Pearson
28 Dec 2018 08:00

SUVs have been de rigueur for some time now and, such has been the huge demand for cars in this sector, there are many good used examples to choose from. Here, we’ve picked out ten that we think will fit a variety of different bills, all for an upper price limit of £10,000.

You can choose from SUVs both big and small, depending on your needs, but whatever the dimensions there are many qualities that all these cars share, including a spacious and versatile interior and a relaxing drive.

Best used SUVs for less than £10,000

10. BMW X5

Top 10 used SUVs for less than £10,000

The first BMW X5 paved the way for the upmarket SUV, but it was soon joined by a number of similar contenders, which meant this second-generation model had to up its game. It did, luckily, being more spacious and better to drive than the original, with a plusher interior – you even had the option of seven seats. Our price bracket bags us a good clean example of this later version, with an average mileage and a full service history. It may not be the cheapest to run, but it brandishes its quality like a rapier.

Top 10 used SUVs for less than £10,000

Even if you’re not a fan of SUVs in general, you can see why they appeal, with their chunky Tonka toy looks and feeling of solidity. And few look more appealing than this third-generation Sportage. In truth, the Sportage is not as engaging to drive as some of its rivals, but it betters many of them on space and practicality.

You can pick up a clean 2011 or 2012 example now for our budget and that should give you many years of practical and reliable motoring. You should even get the residue of Kia’s impressive seven-year warranty.

We found 2013 1.7 CRDi 2, 59,000 miles, £9995

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8. Land Rover Discovery

Top 10 used SUVs for less than £10,000

Like so many Land Rover products, it could be that there is no effective substitute for the seven-seat Discovery. True, it has many rivals, but not many can match its blend of supreme on-road practicality with its class-leading go-anywhere off-road capabilities. It’s relaxing on long motorway journeys, even when fully loaded with families and luggage, and yet can just as easily hare across a rutted field, with its permanent four-wheel drive ensuring good traction whatever the conditions. Shop carefully, though, because they don’t have the best of reliability records, but find a good one and you’ll be happy.

We found 2007 2.7 TD V6 SE, 90,000 miles, £9450

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