Skoda Scala review

Manufacturer price from:£16,940
What Car? Target Price£14,635
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You rarely get something for nothing in this world, so while cars are becoming bigger and more sophisticated, they’re also becoming more expensive. Well, at least most of them are, because the Skoda Scala is a potential exception to this rule.

It's a little longer than the Volkswagen Golf and is available with the VW Group’s latest tech. Yet it's priced to undercut not only the Golf, but also other big-name rivals, such as the Ford Focus, Kia Ceed and Vauxhall Astra.

If you’re a little confused where that leaves Skoda’s Octavia, that’s perfectly understandable. That car's also an attractively priced family car from the fabled Czech manufacturer, but the truth is that not every household needs something as big as the Octavia, so Skoda hopes the Scala will complement, rather than undermine, its bigger brother.

The Scala certainly looks quite different. By ditching the Octavia’s saloon-like profile for a proper hatchback silhouette the Scala has a style of its own. What’s more, Skoda says it hasn’t skimped on choice; the Scala is available with an extensive range of engines and three different trim levels.

Over the next few pages we’ll look at everything you need to know, from what the Scala is like to drive to how practical it is, and we'll reveal whether you should choose one over its rivals. And, remember, whichever car you settle on, you can potentially save thousands without the hassle of haggling if you use our New Car Buying service.

At A Glance

Number of trims4see more
Available fuel typesPetrol, Diesel
MPG range across all versions55.4 - 70.6
Avaliable doors options5
Warranty3 years / 60000 miles

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