BMW 1 Series

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BMW 1 Series
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What Car? Staff
10 Jan 2011 11:00

The face-lifted BMW 1 Series Coupe and Convertible have been launched here at the NAIAS show in Detroit, and if youre squinting to see whats changed from the previous version then we can understand why.

If you havent got time to play spot the difference then the light tweaks are revised head- and tailight shapes and a new front splitter. The latter provides the most interesting technical change on the car, because it creates what BMW calls an air curtain around the front wheels to reduce drag and improve CO2 emissions.

Theres also a couple of minor trim option changes, including two new colours (red and brown) and new 17- and 18-inch five-spoke wheel options.

If none of this has set your pulse racing, youll have to wait for the all-new three- and five-door hatch models that will be revealed later this year.