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29 November 2011

BMWs new hybrid 5 Series was at the Tokyo motor show. Unlike previous BMW petrol-electric hybrids this one will go on sale in the UK in February, costing 46,860.

Badged ActiveHybrid 5, its based on the 535i saloon and combines its 296bhp twin-turbo six-cylinder engine with an electric motor. In total, its good for 330bhp, promises 44.1mpg and emits 149g/km of CO2. By comparison, a 535d returns 52.3mpg on average and emits 142g/km of CO2.

The ActiveHybrids battery is stowed in the boot. The car can be driven on electric power alone, below 37mph, for up to two and a half miles.

BMW's i3 and i8 electric cars also made their Japanese debuts at the show.

The supermini-sized i3 is powered by a 125kW electric motor mated to a single-speed gearbox. It has a range of between 80 and 100 miles, does 0-62mph in 7.9 seconds and can reach a full charge in six hours (it takes one hour to reach 80% charge). Top speed is 93mph.

BMW says an i3 range-extender version will also be available, where a 1.0-litre two-cylinder petrol engine can be used to recharge the car's batteries, doubling the car's range.