What are my BMW's emissions?

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I have just purchased a BMW 320d SE (first registered January 2007). The logbook (V5C) gives the CO2 emissions as 153g/km (band D), whereas your website and the VCA indicate it's only 128g/km (band C). The dealer I bought the car from is unable to say which is correct, Are you able to help?
P.G. Howie

A: When your 3 Series was made, its official CO2 output was 153g/km, so it will cost you 145 in car tax (150 from next April).

The reason we (and the VCA) give a figure of 128g/km is because the 3 Series was modified later in 2007, under BMW's Efficient Dynamics programme. Since then it's been more economical and less polluting.

The modifications include Auto Start-Stop technology, a gearshift indicator, low-rolling resistance tyres and aerodynamic modifications.

The new 'Efficient Dynamics' model costs 120 a year to tax, which will drop to 90 from next April.