BMW's in-car safety system

* 30,000 cars will get Connected Drive * Makes automatic contact with emergency services * Knows car's exact location at all times...

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Jim Holder
30 January 2008

BMW's in-car safety system

BMW estimates it will fit 30,000 cars with its Connected Drive safety and navigation device this year.

The system works using an embedded navigation device, which knows the exact location of the car at all times.

Depending on the level of information or help required, the driver can use the system to contact the emergency services, BMW's breakdown service or a BMW call centre for local information such as the location of a restaurant or cinema.

If the car is involved in an accident where an airbag is deployed, the system will automatically contact the emergency services. If the emergency operator doesn't receive feedback from the car's occupants, they will then be sent the car's exact location.

Drivers of cars fitted with Connected Drive can also use the system to alert the emergency services if they see an accident, allowing them to exactly pinpoint where it has happened.

In addition, the system allows drivers to browse Google maps at home or work and send route information to the car's sat-nav via a dedicated website. Owners can also use the website to set up RSS news feeds that will be sent direct to their car.

Connected Drive will be supplied as standard with all BMWs equipped with satellite-navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.