Brighton gets EV charging points

* First roadside charging outside London * Accessed via wireless 'smart key' * Costs of up to 150 per year...

Brighton gets EV charging points

Brighton has just become the first British city outside London to offer roadside charging points for electric vehicles (EVs).

After a successful pilot scheme featuring four high-tech 'Elektrobay' points, the city is now planning to open a network of 20 bays by next year.

More cities and towns to follow
With car manufacturers now committed to manufacturing EVs, recharging stations are likely to become an increasingly common site in towns and cities around the country.

Until now, only central London has offered EV drivers roadside recharging, with more than 100 charging points in the capital, but Brighton's example is expected to be followed by other towns and cities across the country.

How does it work?
The Elektrobay charging point has a single 13-amp socket behind a lockable flap, which is operated by a wireless smart key.

Registered users can use their keys to open the flap and plug in a charging cord, with the flap then locking shut with the plug in place to prevent interference while the car charges. The charging cord is designed to hang at waist height to prevent pedestrians from tripping over it.

How much?
Users will have to pay to use the bays, and although prices haven't been confirmed in Brighton, similar schemes in other parts of the country charge a joining fee of around 75 to 100, with an annual charge of between 30 and 50. The cost of the electricity itself is included in these figures.