Brits are anxious holiday drivers

* Britons most anxious in Europe * Russians most likely to drive long distances * 22% of Germans say theyre relaxed drivers...

Brits are anxious holiday drivers

Goodyear Dunlop has conducted a survey to look at European driving habits this summer.

It turns out that Britons are the most anxious drivers, with 48% of us admitting to feeling this way when driving on holiday more than any of the 15 nations surveyed.

More than a third of us will drive around 400 miles to get to our destination this summer, with a quarter saying that they'll drive for more than five hours before taking a 30-minute break.

Russian holiday makers are more likely to drive long distances in the next couple of months, with more than half saying theyll drive more than 2000 miles on their summer trip.

Italian drivers are the most likely to get their car checked out by a mechanic before setting off, while 22% of German drivers consider themselves to be relaxed behind the wheel.

'Excitable' Spanish drivers
The survey also revealed a rather bizarre fact about some Spanish drivers 9% said theyd had sex while driving.