Bull bars - are they legal?

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16 January 2009

Bull bars - are they legal?

Load of bull?
Is it true that bull bars on 4x4s were made illegal because they can cause serious injuries in an accident?

Fitting bull bars that dont conform to strict a EU directive has been illegal since May 25 last year. Vehicles fitted with bars before this date are not affected. The directive insists on a minimum level of protection for pedestrians and that the bars are type-approved for the cars theyre intended to fit. Steel bull bars dont meet these standards and are therefore effectively illegal.

The reason? As you have heard, steel bars cause a lot of damage in an accident particularly if a pedestrian is involved. Distributors who continue to sell the old-style metal bull bars after this date will face imprisonment.

If you like the look of bull bars, why not consider a new-style EC-approved frontal protection system? They look similar to bull bars, but actually help to protection pedestrians in an accident absorbing much of the impact.

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