Bush BDVD 722708M

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Pete Barden
26 April 2012

Bush BDVD 722708M

Bush BDVD 722708M Dual In-Car DVD Player
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Features: This unit comes with twin screens that can play a single film through both units, or work autonomously with separate DVDs in each. The 7-inch screen has a useable resolution of 480x234pixels. The unit is compatible with DVDs and audio CDs, while JPEG images can also be viewed from CD-R and CD-ROM sources. However, there's no MP3-compatibility or SD card slot. Two remote control units are included, as are two pairs of headphones, mains and twin 12v in-car power adapter. Parental controls are also available. The units come with an in-car fitting strap. There is no internal battery included, so the unit must be externally powered at all times. There's a handy fabric carry bag to store the units and associated cabling.

Mounting system? The Bush unit comes with a basic, single-band mounting strap. The strap feeds through two clips on the rear of the player, and then wraps around the headrest where it's fastened using Velcro. In our opinion, the system is a weak link and could become detached in the event of an accident. We'd advise looking at alternative car-fixing systems if you choose this DVD player.

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Ease of use: The Bush units can be connected and installed within just a few minutes. There's a twin, or single 12V adapter depending on how many screens you're using, while an AV lead is supplied to connect the two units if your rear-seat passengers want to watch the same movie. Otherwise, the machines operate autonomously and can be controlled by the compact and easy-to-use remote controls. There's no volume control on the remotes this has to be adjusted manually via a control on the side of each unit. The in-ear headphones are fine for older children, but the under fives may find them difficult to install and keep in place. The fabric carry-bag is a useful addition, too, packing the units and attachments together in one easy-to-store package when you leave the car.

Performance: The screen size is perfectly adequate for in-car use, and the picture is of decent quality with vivid, vibrant colours. Sound quality is reasonably rich, too, with an acceptable balance. The menu system is straightforward and easy to use, too.

What Car? says The twin, or single DVD option where passengers can watch the same, or separate DVDs should prove a useful peacemaker on long journeys. The unit is restricted in the amount of additional media it can play there's no MP3-compatibility or SD card slot, for example but its primary purpose of providing back-seat movie entertainment is efficiently achieved, at a very keen price. The units also have a last-played memory, so the DVD will return to the same place if it's switched off and then on during playback. The lack of onboard battery could be a slight inconvenience to some, but our main concern is the Velcro fastened, single-strap mounting system. We're not sure how secure and safe it might be in the event of an accident, which is a shame because otherwise it would have challenged for our favourite in-car machine.