Buy now for hot September deals

* Dealers are down on sales targets * so desperate for sales * Hold out for last-minute deals...

Buy now for hot September deals

Act fast and you could get a great deal on a new car as dealers struggle to hit their September sales targets.

This month is a vital time for dealers, because it's the end of the financial quarter and traditionally one of the busiest times of the year. However, poor sales have left many short of their targets and desperate to attain sales targets.

One business manager said: 'The deals are good and were as competitive as we can be on price, but were just not getting the enquiries. Were almost 50 registrations down with only five days to go.

This means there could be some great last-minute deals if youre prepared to move quickly and consider a car that a dealer already has in stock.

It will also be worth checking the finance deals available, because many manufactures have low-rate finance deals on offer, as well as deposit contributions to tempt buyers into showrooms.