Cabin credentials

* Stunning in almost every aspect * 300bhp 2.5-litre engine * Claimed average economy of 30.5mpg...

Cabin credentials

Cabin credentials
Amongst the most distinguishing features in the cabin are the carbon fibre panels, three dash-mounted dials and a leather clad RS steering wheel.

The most eye-catching items however, are undoubtedly the slim-back Recaro sports seats, which feature side supports trimmed to match the colour of the car.

The colour treatment may not be to all tastes, but the seats do provide fantastic support to your ribcage, They're also wide enough at the shoulder to give you plenty of freedom to furiously spin the wheel when the going gets hot.

Almost everything you'd expect is standard on the RS, including air-conditioning, a six-CD player with digital radio, keyless ignition with the statutory starter button, an alarm and a quick-clear heated windscreen.

You can upgrade the car with a 1500 luxury pack, which adds climate control and a DVD satellite-navigation system with seven-inch touchscreen, but no matter which way you look at it though, the RS seems like an absolute bargain.

Just make sure you're wearing welding goggles when you throw back the curtains in the morning if you choose yours in Ultimate Green.

Why not four-wheel drive?
Ford could easily have offered the RS with four-wheel drive. In fact, the Focus platform has been used successfully with four-wheel-drive and a five-cylinder engine in the T5 version of Volvo's S40.

This set-up is not without its problems, however there's an increase in weight, inferior fuel economy and additional component costs.