Can an A-Class tow our caravan?

Can an A-Class tow our caravan?
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Will Nightingale
27 Jun 2008 14:40

Q: I'm trying to find out if my wife's new Mercedes A-Class 160 CDI Classic SE 3dr will tow our caravan. The caravan has a maximum laden weight of 1285kg.
Roger Dickson

A: The A-Class isn't up to towing such a heavy load. Your wife's A-Class has a maximum towing capacity of 1000kg (braked), and your caravan will probably weigh much more than that once it's laden with your belongings, so you'll need something bigger.

We don't advise towing anything that weighs more than 85% of a car's kerbweight, regardless of its official towing capacity. Even if the A-Class had a higher maximum towing limit and a bit more grunt, it wouldn't be safe to tow more than 1105kg (85% of its kerbweight).